“XPLISSO” is a total concept live show with an entirely new technology, responding to the experience of nightlife. Stereo and even mono are represented everywhere at festivals, events and in clubs all around the world and visual effects are constantly used such as CO2, lasers, fire, etc. This makes it extremely difficult to keep stimulating people’s sense for novelty meaning clubs and “ordinary” events are not always innovative for the audience as nearly every special effect has already been invented.

Instead of purely anticipating to the visual aspect, “XPLISSO” offers an entirely new approach in experiencing the auditive aspect. This patented technology makes it possible to bring a live DJ-set in true-surround. Surround on its own is not new. Everyone already knows it from the cinematography and that is indeed the area in which the experience plays a central role. This enabled the cinema to win back its position compared to home cinema, video shops, streaming, etc.

The human being is by nature used to catch up on surround, such as singing birds, a babbling creek, wind and other ambient noises. Besides that, not everyone is constantly keeping his head still in the direction of the stage while attending an event. People start to move along with the music and their heads will do the same, meaning “XPLISSO” suddenly makes the experience so much more intense because people are no longer listening from one fixed position to a stereo or mono source. “XPLISSO” will have the entire space filled up with sound and make it feel very natural and enjoyable.
“XPLISSO”, a name that has grown from the small seed from which the entire idea has arisen. Innovation and depth were the things lacking in the current music scene. Losing focus during a performance because you were constantly looking and listening to that same spot where the DJ is and where the sound is coming from. This sound felt as if it was locked in a small box it couldn’t escape from on its own. All that was missing, was that extra dimension.
A concept obviously has to be transformed. Because the system is developed and patented by Tim Peeters a.k.a. NIVIRO, he is currently the sole executor of the product. The profile NIVIRO is starting to become a fixed value in the music scene with more than 1.500.000 monthly Spotify streams. In addition, over 150 million added YouTube views and 500 million views on TikTok are listed in his name besides an amazing fanbase on several social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

NIVIRO will use “XPLISSO” to not only bring his own work but also work by other artists. Every song is carefully prepared in the studio by NIVIRO in order to obtain a maximum surround effect which will afterwards be added to the collection from which NIVIRO is able to choose during a performance.
Many artists already had the idea of playing a set in surround, yet the elaboration thereof continued to fail. This indicates the need for innovation and enrichment in the electronic music culture and shows that multiple parties are looking for such novel idea. “XPLISSO” does not only bring surround electronic dance music to the audience, a high dimensional light show is also part of it.

During the development of “XPLISSO”, an additional code was implemented into the system which not only provided the possibility to bring audio in surround, but also to synchronize it with a complete light show. There is nothing more annoying than a light show of which the light effects are slightly off when it comes to one hundred percent synchronization with the beat of the music. This problem was completely solved by adding this timecode.

Because we offer a live show without a pre-programmed tracklist, the light show is depending on the choice of songs made by the DJ whereby the light show and special effects will respond in function of the song selected by the DJ. As a result, there continues to be a maximum of flexibility to interact with the audience. The light show can of course always be adjusted to match the set-up or event. This means the show can be adjusted for every performance and location to always guarantee the best result possible.

The goal for “XPLISSO” is to become a household name in the music industry. That is the reason why it was developed on the basis of providing the most intense experience of sound and light. “XPLISSO” shall guarantee the most sublime sound and light spectacle. Exclusive use will be made of material determined in advance in order to be able to ensure this quality.

Contrary to many surround installations, this system has a giant “sweet spot”. Regarding of where the visitor is situated in the surround-zone, the entire concept will be enjoyed without detecting any unpleasant phase shifts.

One condition is that the venue or location is adjusted to the system. Solid acoustics in the space is a requirement. The system can be used in venues in which the maximum surround-zone is reached at a width of 40 meters and a depth of 40 meters. These dimensions do not consider the depth of the stage. This way, up to 5,000 people are able to enjoy the spectacle together in the surround-zone. Should the venue be more than 40 meters from the front of the stage, all the sound after that will be produced in normal stereo which is still of premium quality.  

“XPLISSO” is a system without limitations. The introduction of the system will work on the basis of a 5.1 surround codec which will mostly be set up in the live performance as a 4.1 due to the exclusion of the central speaker for practical reasons related to the stage constructions.

As mentioned previously, people are extremely keen on novelties these days. That’s why this system will also continue to be able to respond to the expectations and desires of the most demanding crowd. Over time, this 5.1 surround-principle can be scaled-up to “immersive” formats. This means the sound does not only originate from the front and the back, but also from above the audience. A full 3D approach of audio. This technology is already developed and included in the patent.

Other artists most certainly want to follow with this system. That’s why we foresee the possibility, after NIVIRO has established the brand in the market, to offer licenses to a limited and selected number of artists so they too are able to use the “XPLISSO” principle in their shows.
This concept allows for two different combinations:
A light plan worked out in advance will be part of a “XPLISSO”- tour to guarantee the full experience. This light plan ensures that, in addition to the sound, the audience will also fully absorb the light show as this will represent a depth as well. As mentioned previously, this light show shall be completely in-sync with the music.

In addition, “XPLISSO” can be perfectly scheduled into a line-up of an event. This requires a change-over time of approximately fifteen minutes. If the concept continues in an existing event, two extra speaker towers must be built on the left- and right-hand side in the back of the venue as well as a private DJ-booth. Before and after the experience of “XPLISSO” by NIVIRO, only the normal set-up of the event will be active. In this case, use will be made of the standard light plan of the event. This will be operated manually but still synchronized with the beat because of the timecode sent. We may conclude from the preceding that, at relatively limited additional cost, this may be a serious added value for publicity purposes for both organizers and their events.

Both possibilities require a prior soundcheck by the production team of “XPLISSO” so all the settings can be ensured. We take on the sound adjustment ourselves in order to be able to guarantee the maximum possible quality. This adjustment always takes place prior to the opening hours of the event. We will also place the “XPLISSO” system, situated next to the DJ-booth, between the mixing console and the light control. This system can only be operated during the “XPLISSO” performance where the DJ, in this case NIVIRO, has full control of the entire system from the DJ-booth.
Because the entire system is automated, it only requires four people to perform the entire show. The Disk Jockey, Light Jockey, Visual Jockey and additionally a sound technician who determines the balance between the microphone and the surround. This is not more than needed for a conventional stereo installation. The additional cost of the set-up is also virtually negligible compared to a normal stereo set-up as it only requires two extra speaker towers.

The entire “XPLISSO” system was developed redundantly. This means that the system, should a control program crash or jam somewhere, will be taken over by a parallel system, automatically and without any evident delay. The audience won’t even notice it and the DJ has the possibility to restart the system during the set.

The sound plan will always be submitted beforehand in a timely manner to act as efficient and correct as possible.
Innovation, experience and uniqueness are the three keywords of application to this concept.

The brand “XPLISSO” is ready to be sent out to the world. With the entire production team that was carefully selected to guarantee only the best in quality, this project will undoubtedly convince the global market.